Edoarda Vesel Crociani


Borns in Trieste on October 23rd 1940 from a destitute aristocratic family. With a volcanic personality since her childhood, she studies and at the same time, without saying anything to the family, she works in the afternoons performing as model in the local boutiques to earn some pocket money.

Always keeping hidden from her family, she starts to take dance lessons but she’s too tall for the ballet. With the spirit of initiative and a strong will power that always has been characterizing her, she decides to quite the family house to go to work as top model in Milan and a little later her actress career begins starring in a movie with Mario Riva, then she acts in "Look them but do not touch" with Johnny Dorelli and Ugo Tognazzi, after that she works in several other films, among others "Laughter of Joy" when Anna Magnani required the cut of half of her interpretation because she looked too good. She is under contract with Federico Fellini and she cannot' accept any other parts so, she has to wait to act in "8 e1 / 2".

The wait goes on for a year when, unexpectedly, with two lines she gets fired just because Mr.Rizzoli wants to engage a more famous actress in the cast: Claudia Cardinale. Probably due to her deception she decided to over desist from pursuing a cinema career with great joy of her boyfriend, Camillo Crociani who has always been against the acting career.

Following the annulment of his previous marriage by the Holy Roman Rota she gets marry with him. From that moment, another chapter in the life of Edoarda Crociani, begins in which she engages herself with the same commitment and the same energy as the previous one: she had two daughters, which will focus with tireless passion and she cultivates a new hobby that will allow her to get closer to her beloved nature: she takes the helicopter pilot's license, being the first woman in Italy, and she starts to feel a continuous wandering to discover every corner of the wilderness of the world, with the goal of photographing it.

Camillo Crociani, former President of Finmare and then of Finmeccanica, is involved in the "Lockheed scandal" and decides to leave Italy with his wife with the intention of being able to better defend himself against attacks and pressures which he is subjected.to He’s processed with a single degree of judgment and without appeal at the conclusion of a real political process held under special law enacted ad hoc preventing any appeal, the fact that even today after so many years remains unexplained, and in Mexico in 1980 Camillo Crociani dies of cancer, but mostly shot down psychologically from the persecution which has been unjustly subjected to This opens a new phase and so Edoarda Crociani after her husband's death, to allow her daughters to receive an important international education, decides to move to New York, where she’ll remain for ten years cultivating a passion for art (she graduated at the Academy of Arts in New York) and her deep interest for finance (often confronted herself with major financiers such as George Soros).

After completing the studies of the two daughters finally she decides to go back to Europe also to stay closer to the company, at the time established by Camillo Crociani, which she barely bought back after the death of her beloved husband. But she decides' not to settle down in Rome, where she lived years of happiness alongside her good husband, but in Monte Carlo. With devote energy and commitment Vitrociset has developed greatly and became a small technology empire ranging from defense sector to the space one, passing by the air traffic control in the areas of security, to arrive to systems to monitoring pollution, radar and missile maintenance (with the work experience related to the management of the large polygon Salto di Quirra that has earned to the company the acquisition of many others similar contracts abroad) to those which Edoarda and the General Arpino held in their hearts in a particular way, such the research focused on environmental protection, confirming the international vocation of Vitrociset, which has an Italian heart but also an active presence in Belgium,in the Netherlands ,in Guyana, in Saudi Arabia and Kenya.

She lives now in Monaco since twenty years but she is a true citizen of the world, and she still follows every interest of her amazing life with the same energy she had when she was a child in Trieste.